Grooved Tubes for Fast Coupling Systems

This tubing assembly system is the most economic, versatile and safe. It can be installed in a fourth of the time of welded systems, and provides significant advantages for installers, owners and designers. The assembly technique with grooved joints provides easy access for maintenance, cleaning, system expansion, etc.

MATERIAL: Ductile steel ASTM A-536 grade 65-45-12
FINISH: Fire extinguishing red / Galvanized when hot.
CERTIFICATE: Upon request prior to making order.
UPON REQUEST: Other requirements for other applications. Other types of specific joints for other applications.
Fast coupling accessories: Normal rigid coupling. Does not allow movement, and is similar to a flanged or welded joint.
Normal flexible coupling. It allows controlled linear and angular movement that accommodates the deflection of the tube and thermal expansion and contraction.
Simple threaded bypass
Simple grooved bypass
Screwed bypass
90º and 45º steel elbows
T-pipe and reduced T-pipe
Concentric reduction
Adapter flange

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